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To make your digital & e-commerce activities grow !


We have organised many digital and e-commerce trainings at universities, marketing schools and specialised institutions in France & Switzerland but also abroad.
We experienced a real benefit in sharing knowledge and ideas across the organisation and we partnered with the best companies, schools and universities to help you define your strategy and roadmap.


Alex has 11 years of experience building digital and e-commerce platforms at international level for a luxury brand, we are able to help you defining your strategy, business requirements, campaigns concept and e-commerce from organisation until activation. We also rely on a good network of partners who have offices in Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and NYC to help you implement or develop your digital presence in key markets.

Project Management

Our aim is to help you until the implementation of the project.
We have a strong experience in leading transformational and cross-functional projects.
We are also independent from agencies and technical solutions, so we can easily adapt with your team, current agencies and propose new tools, services or platforms.

On site

We have a network of freelancers that can work in your office and help during tough times and heavy workloads, such as during new website or launch testings, content preparation, social media coverage during an event or campaigns setup.


What is our key advantages for your activities ?
We have brand experience and we are multi-cultural

We have worked several years within a brand and we can better understand your needs.

We are independant, we can propose different technology and tools available in the market. This gives us a liberty to recommend you several options.

We can recommend and we can partner with many different agencies and companies in key markets, such as US, China, Japan, South Korea, France, Dubaï.

We have a network of freelancers and partners in different areas such as Social media, testing, content production, technical development, data and analytics.

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • International activation
  • outsourcing


A great team of young & energetic passionates !
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Alex Wehrlin

Strategy & 360° Campaigns
Alex has 11 years of international digital and e-commerce development in the luxury industry and more than 15 years of project management.
He founded eBooster in January 2016.
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Jonathan Gaehler

Project Management
Jo is a creative, energetic and solution oriented person with experience in the luxury field at Richemont in New-York, the FHH and Vacheron Constantin in Geneva.
He joined eBooster in Febr 2016 to reinforce projects.
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Jona Agolli

Business Development
Jona is an enthusiastic, positive and energetic person, with a strong customer value thinking, influenced by her experiences at Deloitte, Hilton, Sotheby’s and P&G. Her mission is to boost brands with fresh & new technology ideas.
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Sofia Lahmann

Content Marketing
Versatile and creative with excellent communication skills, Sofia has international work and internship experiences in market research, global communications and accounts.
She is currently completing a M.A. in Luxury Management.


We dont sell anything.. we are a team of passionate people

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